Boat Dog FAQ's

Q.= How can those small teeth hold the weight of that big boat?
A.= Engineered for 3000 lb. pull for that size of boat. The teeth and mechenizm for attaching to the boat are stainless steel. Different size boats will require building proportionate size catch systems.

Q.= Where is it operated from?
A.= From the dashboard of the boat by the captain.

Q.= Can the catch plates be mounted on the dock?
A.= Good Question! Yes.

Q.= Will this take the place of the boat tie downs?
A.= No! This is not DOT approved and is only for quick on and off of the boat ramp. When on level the pressure should be relieved on this catch system with NMMA trailer installed tie downs approved for highway travel.

Q.= Will this be mandated on most boat ramps in the future because of congestion?
A.= We foresee it as one of the best ways to address this problem

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